Book Review – Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha

About Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha

Alpha is just about the highest point that you can get to in the world of investment. When you achieve the alpha then you succeed in beating the market on the basis of what is known as a risk adjustment. The book which is entitled as “Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha” is a marvelous book that you can go ahead and read if you are wondering about how you can achieve the alpha and come out on top in the investment profession. The book is authored by a man of the name of Richard Tortoriello and provides a perspective on how to gain success in achieving the alpha on a quantitative basis.

You will be able to improve your means of investing quite significantly when you become well versed with this practical guide whether you are planning to achieve the alpha through qualitative means, or quantitative means or through the use of both. The strategies that have been mentioned are those that have been thoroughly tested by the author himself. The investment strategies that are mentioned in this book are those that are a combination of the qualitative and the quantitative investment approaches.

The mosaic that you can come across when you read this book is one that is quite comprehensive and will truly enable you to understand the pros and cons of following any of the strategies that have been listed down by the author. Some of the important aspects or features that are contained in this extremely important piece of work include:

An extensive range of investment strategies that one can choose from in order to achieve the alpha

Information about what is commonly known as the building block approach towards quantitative analysis.

Twenty investment screens that are known to bring success

Advice on how to use qualitative strategies in order to gain wins in the alpha

Suggestions on how various quantitative strategies can be used in the procurement of the Alpha

Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha: The Standard and Poor’s Approach to Testing
Your Investment Choices (McGraw-Hill Finance & Investing)

About the Author

Richard Tortoriello is by profession a defense analyst who works for the equity division in the well known company Standard and Poor’s. He has conducted a number of quantitative investment studies on the behalf of his company and is responsible for the selling, holding as well as the purchase of recommendations. Bloomberg Television is known to have interviewed him several times over owing to the fact that he is such an experienced investment professional.

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