Book Review- How to Lose Debt?



The phone is ringing nonstop with creditors and collection agencies harassing you about the minimum payments that you can’t afford to make any longer. You wake up every day with an overpowering sense of dread, ignoring the piles of unpaid bills that seem to have no solution in sight…

Like so many of your fellow Americans, you tried to be responsible and keep debt to a minimum, but then something unexpected occurred. Perhaps you were laid off from the job you thought was secure, or the car that you depended on needed a major and costly repair. Perhaps like many people, it was the hit of an adjustable interest rate spiking, which caused the once affordable monthly payment to double in cost. Pretty soon you’ve maxed out every credit card you own, and you are tens of thousands of dollars in unsecured debt and in a financial hole that you don’t think you can ever climb out of. Is it possible
that you can ever find the means to begin the financial recovery process on your own without declaring bankruptcy?

How to Lose Debt (Two Harbors Press, ISBN 978-1-936198-09-2, May 3rd, 2010) presents a comprehensive approach to debt elimination in a warm, colloquial tone that reads like a casual conversation, not a lecture on finances.

According to author Ross Alan Dodwell, the answer is a confident and definitive YES. Drawing on his own experience of once being over $25,000 in debt, Dodwell outlines the step-by-step measures that he took to overcome the financial crisis that once engulfed his life. In How to Lose Debt, you will learn simple, easy tips that you can immediately apply to help ease the chokehold that all those overdue balances and bills have on your life. From lowering your fixed utility costs to finding ways to get a little extra income coming in, you CAN take back control of your finances, and How to Lose Debt is the lifeline that will make it all possible for you to be solvent once again. [wp_ad_camp_1]

About the Author

Ross Alan Dodwell spent much of his career in technology management roles until the recent downturn in the market caused him to lose his job. He spent the first few weeks building a personal website,, and building his network and recommendations on Linkedin.comâ„¢.

Ross went on to expand his network further, by setting up a group on called Top Recommended People. The group was established primarily to help others with ten or more recommendations stand out from the crowd when job seeking. He also set up a companion website,

Ross achieved Expert Author status on, the internet’s premier e-magazine with a write-up about the Top Recommended People Group

While actively seeking employment in his chosen field of technology management, Ross wrote two books including How to Lose Debt, and a mystery novel The Disappearance of Jessica Fieldson (never published).

Ross lives in North Carolina with his loving wife of 22 years, Lisa.

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